Status Page

27th Jan 2023 now has a status page @!

It will be up even when the main site isn't to let you know:

  • whether the site is down
  • if it's down for scheduled maintenance
  • if it's unscheduled downtime: whether it's been acknowledged (actively being fixed) and any status updates

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Search Feature Added

19th Dec 2022 is now more searchable thanks to ElasticSearch which has just been added!

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Dedicated Server

25th Nov 2022 is now homed on a dedicated server!

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A Social Network

23rd Nov 2022

Greetings, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians! I go by Wilson, and I am the admin of the Mastodon instance. In this post I will reveal my inspiration behind starting up and maintaining this instance and go into some of the details around running it and my plans for future growth!

So, I present to you:, a Social Network Tale in Three Acts.

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